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The full synopsis for Hannah B. Olsen's debut fantasy novel A Knight for a Queen is here!

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A Knight for a Queen is scheduled for release on Tuesday, December 8, in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Preorder details coming soon.



Chara is Mittelan’s princess and last living heir.

Her war-ravaged country is just weeks away from surrendering control to Norrfalt through Chara’s arranged marriage to the enemy prince—unless she can somehow get to the borderlands and expose the treacherous plot forcing her down the aisle…

Elliot is a peasant boy and a formidable fighter.

His abusive stepfather has taken everything from him, but he’s got a plan to use his skills with a blade to earn back what is rightfully his…

Seeking a capable champion to guide her to the border, Chara disguises herself and enters the Woodland Games, a clandestine tournament where peasants fight for honor and glory—and hefty payouts. There, she discovers Elliot and persuades him to join her.

But as Chara’s deception spirals out of control, she and Elliot both must decide how far they are willing to go—and who they are willing to betray—in their intertwined quests for freedom.

In Hannah B. Olsen’s dazzling, gender-swapped take on Cinderella, Chara must navigate an intricate web of duty, deceit, survival, and sacrifice to save those she loves and the country she’s fated to protect.

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