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BSTB announces NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS Release Week Deal

Big Small Town Books is pleased to announce a special RELEASE WEEK DEAL on Amy N. Edwards's new illustrated novella NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS:

Readers who order a hardcover edition of the book by Sunday, Oct. 18, will also receive:

  • a FREE signed bookplate (adhesive) featuring exclusive artwork from illustrator Mara Buchanan, who also illustrated the book itself

  • a FREE download of the Kindle eBook of NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS, available Sunday, so that they can start reading the story and experiencing the incredible illustrations right away

These perks will also be awarded to ALL customers who preordered the book prior to today as well. Bookplates will be mailed out to mailing addresses submitted during the ordering process, and the eBook will be emailed to corresponding customer email addresses as soon as it is available (estimated Sunday).

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