Big Small Town Books to publish illustrated horror novella from Amy N. Edwards, Mara Buchanan

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Author Amy N. Edwards (left) and illustrator Mara Buchanan (right).

Big Small Town Books has acquired Amy N. Edwards’s new adult horror novella NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS, in a deal initially secured by acquisitions editor Dustin Street, and later transferred to Aimee Renee Robinson.

NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS introduces readers to a confident park ranger with a dark secret. Lilah Wesa is cursed to shapeshift into a mythical creature thought to exist only in the lore of the Cherokee, and in the stories told by residents in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Lilah’s world is disrupted by widespread reports of murder and mayhem within her prowling grounds, and a meeting with a handsome U.S. Marshal named Fen Tala sets a chain of events in motion that will force Lilah to confront her own darkness—as well as the evil lurking in the shadowy places of her home.

AMY N. EDWARDS is the author of several short stories, including “Wayward,” which is published in the horror anthology WITCHES OF THE WOOD, also from Big Small Town Books. She also self-published her debut historical fiction novel SEEKER OF THE ROSE in 2011. In addition to her work as an author, she currently teaches high school English in the East Tennessee mountains.

MARA BUCHANAN will illustrate the novella, utilizing a unique artistic style to bring the darkly enthralling world of NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS to life. In addition to her work as an illustrator, Mara is an avid seamstress and lover of wildlife. NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS is her first illustrated novella.

NIGHT OF THE WAMPUS is slated for publication in September. Look for a cover reveal and information about pre-ordering the book later this summer.

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